• James Hewlett

Family Matters

I went to see my mum and Paul today, on the way over I realised it was the first time I’ve seen them in person since the end of January and only the second time this year!

I’m really proud of them for taking everything seriously, staying home, staying distant from people when they do take the dogs out for their walks and not making unnecessary trips anywhere.

As things have eased a little they have seen a couple of people, but only those who have also been isolating and even then keeping responsibly distant. They’re lucky that in their place they have the space to be able to accommodate for that.

It was really lovely to catch up and chat with them for a while, and to get to play with the pups too.

This evening my friends and I all worked through a few technical difficulties and got a test recording done for the new podcast.

Most of the snaffus were on my end as I am using very old hardware at the moment and a lot of my bandwidth was being used up trying to set up another computer.

Despite all that we were able to make it work so when it comes to recording normally it should, theoretically, go off without a hitch.

I can’t wait to get my MacBook back up and running though, using newer, quicker and more responsive hardware is going to make it feel brand new again!


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