• James Hewlett

Figuring It Out, With A Little Help From My Friends

We recorded an episode and a half of the podcast at the weekend, we had to cut the second one short as we were having some technical difficulties but it was easy enough to jump back in where we left off.

In the episode we were reviewing one of the key themes was the friends that keep you honest, the ones not afraid to give you the tough love you need at times.

I’m lucky they I have a few of those people and like to think I am the same for them.

I’ve been pretty open about the fact I recently went through a pretty rough patch and maybe sometime soon I’ll write all about it. I think I’m at a point where I’m figuring it all out now though, I’m starting to get myself back together and while I wanted to deal with everything mostly by myself there are a couple of people whose advice and discussions with that I’m always grateful of.

Often times they would be telling me stuff that I already knew and I would inevitably ignore at least in the short term, but those things stick with you and do help in the long run.

I’m glad they don’t get sick of me ignoring logic in the short term and appreciate that I’ll get there in my own time eventually.

I’ve also been writing more, not stuff to publish, more just brain farts, to help me clarify my thoughts.

I did it today, I’ve been feeling good and I didn’t know what I was going to write but I just started and before I knew it I had cleared out my head. Not just pouring it out so it wasn’t scrambling everything up either, it actually all was slotting together like puzzle pieces.

The combination of good friends to keep me honest, writing my shit down so it doesn’t keep looping and time have been what’s helped me though a shitty spot. Hopefully the same will happen next time.


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