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Finishing The Odyssey

I finished the main story quests in Assassins Creed Odyssey today, about two years after everyone else who played the game, but about on schedule with how I tend to consume that series.

I enjoyed it well enough, the gameplay was solid, traversal was lots of fun, enemies were varied enough and combat was exciting once I keyed into the particulars of it.

The game is stunning to look at and the large map feels diverse at first but after a little while each of the islands of the Ancient Greek world do start to seem extremely familiar to each other.

I’m sure the story itself is probably quiet good but it didn’t grab me at all and I ended up skipping through every cut scene I possibly could and paying no attention to any of it. I think I sealed Atlantis? Maybe I opened it? I don’t know, Pythagoras was there and was my father or something maybe?! Much like studying Greece at school, I didn’t give a single shit. I was definitely way more interested in running around assassinating cultist and childishly climbing the giant statues and swinging from the dicks.

for all its sameness though it clearly was doing something right as I played at least a little bit most days and clocked up a really large number of hours in the game.

I’m glad to be mostly done with it now though so I can move onto something more interesting like Tell Me Why before Star Wars Squadrons comes out next month and Cyberpunk 2077 in November.


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