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First and Last

Today was draft day in Jamie’s FXL Fantasy League. It’s the first draft day of the year for me, and my last in this league.

I mentioned yesterday why I was bowing out but I still fully intend to have as much fun as possible with it this year while I’m still there.

It was really sweet how many of the guys expressed how gutted they were about my leaving the league but I think most of them understood my reasoning.

Jamie’s amazing pre-draft presentation was as on point as always and when he announced some of the coming changes as of next year I was right there to support, give suggestions and input but all the while resolved and thankful I had made my decision to leave.

The draft itself started and right from the get go it felt different. I think there were a number of factors at play; we had a larger space so we could safely distance and a couple less people in the room who were drafting online, everyone seemed to be buzzing a little at actually socialising in person and for me there was an air of freedom as while I intend to be competitive and put in all my effort, I know I’m out after this one.

This led to a lot of draft pick trading right out the gate, I’m not sure there was anyone who wasn’t involved in a trade at some point and while this gave Jamie a lot more admin to do on the fly while the clock was ticking for each person to make their selections it ratcheted up the excitement massively. It weirdly made it feel more like the real NFL draft as people were trading picks to move up into certain round in order to get the player they wanted instead of settling for whoever they could get on their turn.

Any more detail would bore the crap out of anyone not actually involved and in the room so I’ll spare you that. It was a lot of fun, the most fun I’ve had at a draft in a long while and the best one I’ve had in my three years in this league.

It was really really awesome getting to hang out with Rutter and Jamie. We realised that the three of us are the only remaining OG’s who have been consistently playing together across now especially three leagues, often multiple concurrent leagues, and this is our ninth year together. I can always rely on those boys to be there for a fun nerdy day talking NFL.


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