• James Hewlett

First Day of Class

Today was my first ‘first day of school’ for sixteen years.

I’ve been out of education for longer than I was ever in education but today was the start of me learning stuff formally again as I started my adult learning course to becoming qualified to be an electrician.

I actually attended the college I’m studying at briefly right after I finished school but didn’t get on with the course I was doing so left and got a job, learnt to drive and started DJing before going to a different college the following year.

I realised today when I was there, seventeen years later, that there was probably kids who had just started who weren’t even alive when I last took a class there.

I won’t bore you with the details, because there really isn’t too much to tell after my first day. It was mostly just an introduction to the course, what we’ll be covering and how we’ll be going about it. It’s a mixture of classroom learning and practical hands on stuff in the workshop and we had a small taste of both. The classroom aspect was predominantly admin today and in the workshop we just did a couple of brief exercises; some scale drawings, wire stripping and rewiring of a plug.

It all seems interesting though and I’m looking forward to next week and getting on with more.

Eventually I’ll be looking for work as an entry level or apprentice electrician as real world, in industry work is required to become fully and completely qualified in any trade, but that’s a little ways away yet.

In the mean time I’m going to look for other work more close to home as I don’t really fancy commuting to Basingstoke every day, but more on that tomorrow probably.