• James Hewlett


I had a real old man moment yesterday as I slipped my new arch support insoles into my work boots.

I’ve been a wearer of Vans and similar style skate shoes for most of my life at this point and while their style and comfort continues to be something I enjoy, I fully realise that I have almost certainly fucked my feet up because of it. By design all those kinds of shoes have a flat sole and I do too now.

I’ve managed to go this long without it being an issue for me, but in the last six months or so I have occasionally had severe pain in one foot or the other that is almost certainly tendinitis.

When it first occurred I believed it was a resurgence of gout as I have previously suffered with that pretty badly too. I knew what to expect with that though and how to treat it so when this pain was different I started looking at what it could be.

It’s been a few days now of varying levels of discomfort. I’ve even taken today off of doing my usual half an hour on the exercise bike to try and let it rest and heal.

I’m sure it’ll sort itself out soon.

Oh and as stupid as I know I am for it, I’m not going to stop wearing Vans as my everyday shoe of choice, that would just be ridiculous.


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