• James Hewlett

Flu, Boo

Alright, I got nothing. I’m on day three of what is absolutely a full blown flu and I have nothing to write about. I can’t remember the last time I had anything worse than a bit of a cold. There’s a chance I haven’t had full on influenza ever to be honest. Certainly not this bad and definitely not in a long long time. If nothing else it’ll teach me to actually go and get a flu jab this year for the first time.

I think I am making progress though, I made some very basic dinner for myself about an hour and a half ago and so far it seems to be settling/processing normally. That’s a lot better than when I tried to eat yesterday and my body rejected it pretty sharpish out the back door.

Aren’t you glad you get all this personal information about me?!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been writing these daily but will probably just put them all up at once when I’m feeling a bit more alive.

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