• James Hewlett

Forest Walks

We took Rae’s neighbour dog for a walk in the forest today. It was so nice getting out and wandering, and being able to let her run around off the lead.

I live right on the footsteps of the New Forest and definitely take it for granted. I could be going for walks out there every day but this is the first time I have in ages!

This whole situation we’ve been living in brings to light a lot of the things we take for granted.

I noticed it yesterday too; a place we like to eat reopened for takeaway only, they had completely rearranged everything to accommodate the new style of service but it still felt nice walking in, ordering and then going and sitting in their big open windows while we waited for the food. Just sitting there with a drink in the sun and people watching, occasionally chatting to passers by, it was nice.

I wouldn’t wish a pandemic to ever have happened to to happen again but I’ve said before that it’s important to occasionally stop and think of some of the positives that have have come from this really negative time in human history.

There’s a few things that I hope don’t go away when the world starts getting back to something more akin to the before times.

Families are spending more time together, they’re being forced into being a team again and to support each other when they are inevitably having bad days.

Not everyone, but for the most part everyone is a lot more respectful of each other’s personal space. It has taken fear of contagion to get us there, but now that it’s here let’s keep it up. Let the handshake die, it had a good run but we don’t need it now in order to be respectful.

The one I really like is that everyone is now running on island time. Hawaiians have been doing it forever and have a reputation for being more chill, let’s keep learning from that. The hustle and bustle has abated and I do not miss it. There’s no need to rush. It goes hand in hand with things like waiting to enter a shop. We’ve all gotten used to having to wait a few minutes now and I would like to think we’re all so used to it that it’s not an issue. It’s made everyone more conscious of it they really need to go to the shop or if it can wait.

I’d love to see a limited capacity persist on shops and for big stores that have the real estate to allow it for some covered queuing to start popping up for when the nice weather eventually abandons us again.

I’ve gone completely off of what I was originally going to write about today, but that’s okay. That’s what this is for!


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