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Forty Six

I definitely fell asleep on the sofa before I could write today’s post... whoops.

Oh well, it wasn’t going to be much anyway, just a quick one saying FUCK YEAH!!!

Literally so happy at the news for the first time in so long. I didn’t realise how much relief it would give me but I was buzzing with excitement all evening.

I remember being in the United States in August 2016, discussing with locals how much country had just completely fucked itself seemingly irreparably for the foreseeable future and that they were well on their way to do the same a few months later. I said at the time that I’m not sure if I would want to come back if trump was elected. Now, there’s been a few times I’ve come close to going back since then but a few other circumstances have prevented it so I can’t say I stuck to my guns completely, but now knowing that I won’t have to enter a country that I really do have a lot of love for until he’s gone from the position of power is a really cool feeling.

I’m meant to be going back in July next year, I just hope the state of the global pandemic is such that I’ll be able to.

Congratulations America, and to everyone who supports decency in the world. Celebrate and enjoy it then get to work righting the many, many wrongs that have been done.

Racism, misogyny, corruption, lies, deceit… these things don’t go away overnight and there were still seventy million people who think that they are absolutely fine, who voted for that to continue, that stuff isn’t going away but from January 20th at least there won’t be a president who perpetuates, encourages and actively participates in those acts.

Finally there is a sliver of hope on the horizon.


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