• James Hewlett

Further Reading

I don’t feel like writing anything today. Not because I’m feeling uninspired, lazy, can’t think of anything, too busy or just don’t want to. No, I don’t want to write anything today because I want you to take the four or five minutes you’d spending reading my nonsense and go and read something about how you can help better this fucked up world we all share.

Don’t read from the news, that’s not what I’m asking of you. We all have our outlets of choice and they each tell their versions of events based on who funds them or their beliefs or leanings, that’s fine but not what I’m asking you to do.

I’m not asking you to donate anything either if you can’t or don’t want to. I’m just asking you do a small amount of research and look into how you can help create racial equality but it makes no fucking sense for that to not already be a thing.

It is not good enough to say, “I’m not racist.”

It shouldn’t have taken this long for us all to stand up and be actively anti-racist.

©2017 by James Hewlett.