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Garden Writing, Like A Pro

Ahhh, now this is good. I’m sat outside in a vest and shorts, the sun is shining but I’m in the shade, I have an ice cold gin and tonic within reach and I can do nothing for the rest of today and still feel like I accomplished enough today.

It’s interesting at the moment, I feel like those of us who aren’t working are taking it a few different ways; some are really struggling, work is clearly all they have and if that is taken away they can’t cope. Then there are those who are being super busy and productive, working their asses off to do all the things they haven’t had time or energy to get done otherwise. I have a lot of respect for those people but I think some are going too hard on and will find themselves either burning out or running out of things to do and then falling into the same trap as the first group. I’m trying hard to maintain a good balance, I’m doing a little bit of something or other every day, completely at my own pace and whenever I want to, but then when I’ve done that one or two things I’ll stop and I’ll just chill.

The awkward part is the dichotomy that I find myself bouncing between. I’ll use today as an example; I got up pretty early, as if I was going to treat today like a normal Saturday when I wouldn’t be around the house all that much, I got my work out done and then instead of heading straight out I sat and chilled out as there wasn’t much else on my agenda for the day. I played some video games, I read some comics, I watched some TV and I ate some lunch but after that I found myself feeling quite antsy. I didn’t have anything I needed to do but I wanted to do something.

So I vacuumed the house, it wasn’t urgent, there was only a couple of places that looked like they could do with it but once I got started it was almost easier to just do the whole lot than just one or two rooms. I was on a roll then. The amount of leaves that had collected outside my front door had gotten a little ridiculous, the door is only really used for deliveries as my back door through the garden is the primary entrance so it’s easy to ignore those odd jobs out there. I pulled on a pair of gloves and cleared them out though and as I was taking the bag out the back ready for the trash next week I stopped and pulled a couple of weeds out of my garden path… and then a couple more… and a couple more.

Don’t get my wrong there is still a lot more to do but by the time I had filled that bin bag with garden trash I felt like I’d made a noticeable difference and the itchy feet feeling I was having had faded.

I’ve found that, for me, if I try and force myself to doing something when I don’t have a specific task in mind only leads me to sitting aimless and getting frustrated that I’m not doing something. If I just do stuff as and when it comes to me I am way more productive and enjoy the process a lot more.

I’m going to stay sitting out here for a while longer I think. The sun has moved out of reach of my garden, but its still bright out. I have gin warming my body, I’ll throw a shirt on in a bit probably. The neighbours are having a barbecue and I’m enjoying the smell, I know that if I see it I’ll critique it as it will just be some naff grill job, but I know my flaws and being a barbecue snob is right near the top so I’ll happily just provide music at an appropriate volume for me to enjoy but not be intrusive and stay out here until the virtual birthday drinks for a friend of mine start in a couple of hours time.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. Hasta luego.


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