• James Hewlett

Genius Bar and Barber

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I slept in until eleven, so by the time I was up and finished with my workout it was damn near one and the start of my window of eating.

Today I set an alarm for eight and got straight up, worked out, showered and heading into town by ten.

I took my MacBook to the Apple store and was super impressed, though not surprised, at the safety measures they have in place; they greet you outside the store, if you have an appointment they check you in, make sure they have a sanitised seat for you inside then get you you a see basic questions about any recent symptoms before doing a quick temperature check. Everyone has to wear a mask and they’ll provide one if you don’t have your own, hand sanitisers are dotted all around the store.

Instead of having a bunch of customers sat at the benches with staff floating they’ve keep only two spots available on each so everyone is completely separated and the team member helping you sits opposite adequately spaced. If you don’t have an appointment you go through the same safety checks and are let in when the area of the store you want to visit is free, there’s no open browsing.

Anyway, I got in and they had a look at my laptop and got it in for repairs, it should be ready in three to five days, but could be anytime from tomorrow.

After that I had a little wander through town to check out what the barber shops were like. While the rush had obviously died down and I was there early enough for none of them to be busy, none of the ones I walked past seemed to have much in the way of good safety procedures in place so I decided to pass. I said to myself that I’d have a look at my regular place in totton on the way home and get it down there if it was okay.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was! So I got a trim for the first time since March and feel great for it.

I was back home before half twelve so I still had some time to kill before having lunch but this afternoon has been nice and chilled as I didn’t have anything left to do until Ed finished up with the podcast edit and I put that up online.

Go listen!


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