• James Hewlett

Getaway Driver

Last Sunday wasn’t completely dominated by watching the Super Bowl, eating delicious and terrible for you food, playing jackbox games and making horribly offensive and unrepeatable jokes with my friends.

Ed arrived in the early afternoon before everyone else and we were able to dig into a new board game. I say new, it’s actually been sat on my shelf for a year without being played yet but it seemed like the perfect kind of weight to learn and play in the time we had.

Getaway Driver is from Fowers Games, the small design team behind a couple of my other favourite small box games, Burgle Bros and Fugitive. They all share the same design style and art heavily inspired by sixties and seventies heist and crime movies. I can see a lot of the late great comic book creator Darwin Cooke in the aesthetics and thats always a plus in my books.

The game itself is very fast paced once you know the rules and plays in about half an hour. It’s a two player game where one person takes on the titular getaway driver who’s objective is to evade capture by the police and escape town, they can use the streets themselves to their advantage and hinder the pursuing officers with obstacles and hazards that they can avoid with more skilled driving. The other player controls the movement and actions of the cops and has a bunch of different upgrades available to purchase to help in the pursuit such as tyre spikes, barricades and even a police helicopter.

We only played one round, I was the cops and Ed was the driver as was successful in his escape. It was a close game though as I almost had him on multiple occasions. We both thoroughly enjoyed it though and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, fast paced two player game. Something that in my experience there isn’t nearly enough of in the ever growing market of excellent board games.


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