• James Hewlett

Getting Baked (Goods)

A friend of mine recently started her own baker business, operating from home and delivering locally or posting wherever necessary.

After teasing with pictures of some delicious looking treats, as soon as some were available to order I jumped on it.

I went and picked them up and went on a lush walk on the forest yesterday and after having one last night I’m glad I did the extra exercise!

Holy crap these things are good I’ve now had one of each of the kinder hippo and creme egg brownies from the Easter menu. Both of them were absolutely incredible.

I believe the plan is to grow and do other baked goods in the future but for now the brownie and shortbread selections are awesome.

It could get very dangerous having a source of such nice sweets, but every now and then I really look forward to indulging.

Check out www.bomobakes.com if you’re interested in trying some for yourself!


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