• James Hewlett

Getting Better

This is the first day in what feels like fricking ages that I’ve felt okay. Not completely better, but okay!

I actually managed to wake up naturally without a coughing fit rousing me, I’ve still had a bit of a cough and some gross stuff is still coming out occasionally but it is way way less than I had been previously.

Yesterday I completely blitzed my house, cleaning the mirrors in my bedroom and all the windows inside and out, vacuuming every room, just a bit of everything. I think that helped clear me out mentally as I was physically getting better too. My hope is that after a restful weekend I should be back to normal by Monday. I’m so ready to get back to normal and on with regular life.

Having time off when it’s planned or you’re able to do stuff is great, but when all you can really do is sit around and try and stay isolated for fears of either getting worse or infecting others, it is no fun whatsoever.


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