• James Hewlett

Getting Stuff Done

It’s been a pretty productive day today all things considered.

I got the latest podcast online first thing before doing my work out and then had to pop into town very briefly before lunch.

A couple of friends I’ve not seen since February are in town this weekend and popping over tomorrow afternoon so I used that as motivation to tidy up the garden a bit. It’s desperately needed it but as I’ve not been outside a whole lot recently I’ve neglected doing it. It looks pretty nice again now, despite needing more weeding done down the path.

After having a bite to eat I got on with the main thing I wanted to get accomplished today and I applied for a bunch of jobs online. Nothing fancy, just a selection of driving jobs. It’s kind of what I’m after at the moment I think. I’m going to keep checking every couple of days at various things and see what I can see.

I rewarded myself for getting that done by playing through the next scenario of the board game I wrote about the other day and then cooked myself some dinner. Today’s meal was harissa shrimp orzo. Not the most photogenic thing I’ve cooked but it was very tasty!

I’m now just chilling out watching a movie.

It’s been a pretty good day.


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