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Going Full Redneck

Literally the most interesting thing I’ve done today is cut the sleeves off an old t-shirt.

I spent a lot of today either sitting in, dozing in or otherwise being out in the sun so I decided to cut the sleeves off another old t-shirt that is too big for me to wear out in public and turn it into a vest top I can happily wear around the house, out in the garden or throw an open shirt on over and still pull off if I’m going somewhere. It’s nice being able to get extra life out of clothes that would otherwise just be sitting doing nothing.

I tried to hang a makeshift washing line up outside today, the old one I had with a pole was gross and retired so for the past couple of years everything has been drying inside. With it being so lush out at the moment and because I found some ‘all purpose garden wire’ in a cupboard I though I’d string it up between the fences.

It went up perfectly, it was exactly the right length. I started hanging my laundry out, in fact I hung all my laundry out and just I was putting the last sock on one end, snap! It went at the other. It turns out the ‘all purpose’ didn’t including hanging washing out to dry.

It was a nice excuse to be out in the sun though, as was cutting the grass again. It didn’t overly need it but o figured why not keep it trim if I’m going to be out in it more for the time being.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Nothing particularly interesting to say today. It has been very relaxed. Hopefully next week I’ll have a topic or two I can delve a little deeper into but I’ll be back over the weekend regardless.

Stay the fuck at home this easter break!


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