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Going Local

This is the post I wrote yesterday when I thought it would only be a paragraph or too. If anything has happened that changes things related to this post I’ll add it on at the bottom, otherwise, enjoy.

I’m really trying to make an effort of practicing what I preach at the moment. The social distancing is one part of it but the other is supporting the businesses that are really going to need it.

Everyone is going to struggle and the economic ramifications are going to be staggering, but no one is going to suffer more than the small, independent places.

I’m seeing a lot of people who work or have worked in the industry to keep going to their locals and getting food and drinks but I can’t completely support this and think it is somewhat irresponsible. There are better ways. A lot of the places I like have started doing more take out services if they didn’t already, many are offering delivery with the staff themselves making the drops. This is the sort of thing you need to be doing. If places sell gift vouchers buy them! They’ll get the money now when they need it to stay alive and you’ll get a nice meal out when it is safer to do so.

I’m happy to see most gigs and events have been cancelled or postponed. If it is the latter I would urge everyone to not claim a refund for your ticket, the show will happen, you’ve already paid for it, just be a little patient.

They may not be small but Brewdog is and always will be an independent brewery, that’s why I didn’t mind supporting them earlier in the week.

Today I am going to Sunnyfields, the local farmers market just down the road from me to see what I can get. The benefit of that is not only will I be practicing what I am preaching but if anyone is going to have meat available it will be them, and if they don’t then so be it, their veg is super fresh and delicious. Sure it may cost a bit more than going to Asda but if my going on helps them keep the lights on a little longer then I will feel good about what I’ve done.

I know many people do this regardless and I take my hat of to you. Realistically for a lot of people though it is not economically feasible to do that and shopping at a big store who can afford to slash their prices is the only way they can survive. But despite usually living somewhere in between, shopping locally when I can but still using the supermarket for most things, in the short term, I’m going to make an effort to help however I can and I hope you’ll do the same.


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