• James Hewlett

Got Me Feeling Like A Champion

It feels like a lifetime ago that I got the Marvel Champions card game for myself but in actual fact it was only at the start of April.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about it before but I’m going to again today, deal with it.

I’d been looking at this game since it was announced last year. Ed picked it up at launch at the end of the year and was a big fan and introduced it to me via tabletop simulator a while back.

My sister and family got me an amazon voucher for my birthday and as I knew I was heading into furlough and lockdown I was eager for a new game I could happily play multiple times single player without too much setup and tear down.

Having now played as almost all of the different heroes available in the core box I can happily say I’m a big fan of the game. The co-operative nature of it is something I’m always attracted to in tabletop games, even if I’m currently only playing it solo and once you get to know the terminology frequently used on the cards it flows smoothly and with good speed.

Card games like this are daunting for new players, even for someone who plays a lot of board games like me, but after playing a few of Fantasy Flight Games other living card games I’ve started to pick up on similar mechanics, verbiage and symbols.

Each game has variations to best fit their theme, but it is a lot easier to pick up a new one when you’re familiar with the general systems that particular publisher uses.

I always like talking with Ed after one of us tries out a different hero or combination of hero and other card sets. We’ll happily nerd out about the pros and cons for a long while. I’m really looking forward to being able to play games with him in person again soon.

I fired up my now thirteen year old iMac today to see if it still ran. She’s extremely sluggish and makes me appreciate my MacBook all the more, but while that is out of action and with no idea when Apple stores are going to reopen I wanted to see if I’d be able to use my old computer as a back up.

I’m pretty confident that it’ll hold up enough to to some basic audio recording, so hopefully we’ll be able to get started on podcast recording soon.

I can’t wait for my laptop to be sorted though!


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