• James Hewlett

Got To Say, It Was A Good Day

I’ve had such a good day today! Which is kind of amazing considering I woke up at fucking five am and couldn’t get back to sleep for love nor money.

I was booked in for the next bit of my Scott Pilgrim arm at ten so I got up and got most of my work out done before heading out and getting this new addition, probably the last for the year unless I squeeze one in right at the end.

I’m super happy with it and how the whole arm is coming together. Every new addition seems to top the last. I love it. I’ve got one more full character to add then it’s on the smaller bits to fill in the gaps. I think I have more ideas than space though, we’ll see, I’m sure it’ll all fit in nicely.

After that I spend the rest of my day with a friend just hanging out, shooting the shit. I got the very few Xmas presents I am buying this year almost all sorted, so that felt like a nice achievement. It was a really really nice afternoon/evening.

When I got home I still had to knock out my half hour on the bike and as I’d forgotten to put the laundry on before leaving this morning so that is my cue to wrap this up and go and hang that all out so I actually have something to wear this week! I tell ya, that is definitely a perk of living alone, it is very rare I have to do more than one load of laundry a week!

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