• James Hewlett

Growth and Finality

I have a nice little corner of things here at the moment. The coriander is growing in and I’m expecting the chilli bucket to start sprouting any day now, the ginseng bonsai is loving the sun and regaining a lot of the leaves it dropped shortly after I first bought it and the dracana seems to be growing too. I’ve got plants dotted all over the house like any good millennial but this little corner seems to have a lot of life at the moment. On warm sunny days I’ve been putting the seedlings outside but bringing them in at night and in poor weather for now while they’re still fragile.

I also finished watching Lost again today. Having a look back through some old pictures this morning shows that I am two weeks early for finishing that series exactly ten years apart! That’s pretty cool. I’m also only one week ahead of finishing this full rewatch exactly a year after I started it.

The first photo here was taken on May 24th 2010, the second today, May 7th 2020

It was a really fun experience and I’m not going to go further into it. I stand by everything I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I will say though that this time round especially, I absolutely love the ending. It feels like a controversial thing to say at this point but I don’t care, for me it worked beautifully. I think I appreciated it it more this time round because I hadn’t been guessing, theorising and speculating in the build up to it. Doing that through the course of the original run was at least half the fun and enjoyment of the show for me but this time round I knew the end point even if I’d forgotten a lot of the in between and therefor could sit back and take it all in for what it is and how it is delivered. It worked for me.

Apparently it’s Friday tomorrow? Who knew! I don’t even have any regularly releasing tv shows to inform me what day of the week it is now. I’m relying completely on podcast schedules.


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