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Hanging With My Homegirl

I bloody loving hanging out with Teesh. Thirteen years deep into our friendship, she’s one of my oldest friends that I regularly speak to and see on a fairly regular basis.

Under regular circumstances we’ll go for a drink and grab some wings every couple of weeks or so but obviously that wasn’t possible for a good chunk of this year. It’s nice to have that back.

I don’t feel comfortable enough, no that’s not right, I don’t think it’s responsible enough to do what I used to do and go hang out at the bar with my laptop and get some writing done as often as I used to, but I’m more than happy to go get a drink and good eats with my friend a couple of times a month.

It’s good for the soul. We’ve both got a lot of our own shit going on; be it personal, professional, mental, physical or whatever else and being able to talk through that stuff with a friend who you know isn’t going judge or placate but will be supportive and shoot straight in equal measure is amazing.

I always feel better about everything else I ya be going on in my life after shooting the shit with one of my best friends in the world. It’s not that I feel I’ve got it all figured out, it’s more a sense of clarity; that this part of what I’ve thought is on point but this other point might be a little off. It’s a different feeling than I get from other friends too, it always feels more like a clarity I’ve come to on my own while talking about it with Teesh rather than being told something or other. I can only hope I provide half as much assistance and friendship in return.

I’m actually going to work tomorrow despite thinking I was off all this week. But that, is what they say, is a good segue-way into tomorrow’s post. So without further adieu… five, six, seven, eight. Wait, shit, this is a written word thing, I don’t have music to play me out.


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