• James Hewlett

Hardware Store Heroes

I’ve said before how I’ve been trying to help out where I can through all this and one of the easiest and most direct ways I can do that is by lending a hand to a close friend of mine who works for the NHS. Today that involves picking her up from work just after lunch time.

It was a lot earlier than originally expected and because we had some time that was seemingly gifted to us we we it to good use. We went to B&Q.

(stock image, the line for us wasn't long at all!)

The largest hardware store chain in the country reopened at the end of last week and the news reports about it have been pretty dire. With the majority of the workforce all still at home and the glorious weather we’ve had, a lot of people are doing a whole lot more DIY and yard work than they normally would. Or at least they’re all doing it now instead of spreading it out across the next few months. This meant there was an apparent run on B&Q’s nationwide as soon as they reopened. We picked our target store though, thinking that sticking to one was a better idea than trying a couple of different stores if we were going to have to wait in line.

Luckily, as it was mid afternoon on a Sunday, it was actually pretty quiet and we were in quite quick. We were then like kids in a candy store! Looking at all the cool stuff we would love to get to spruce up the outside spaces we’re both very lucky and fortunate to have in times like these.

For the most part we were very restrained though. There was a lot of looking and, “ooooh this would be awesome here,” talk. But we kept ourselves and each other in check. I only left with a new outside lounger chair, as my one is old, battered and not nearly as comfy, and a couple of starter sets so I can start growing my own chillis and coriander. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while and have had on my list of things to do during lockdown.

From there we still had enough time to hit the big Asda, a total novelty for my friend who hasn’t been in a full-size supermarket in nearly two months. Again, only essentials were bought but the novelty of it did more for the psyche than anything. It’s amazing the thongs we start to miss when we don’t do them; things that are such a chore under normal circumstances.

After a nice afternoon/evening taking in as much of the sun as we could before the rain comes in for the week we chilled out watching some fun stuff on tv before I headed home.

It’s been a pretty great day overall and of this is the last of the good weather we have for a while I’m glad I got to enjoy it.

I’m really curious to see how quickly the general mood of the country drops next week when the more typical wet and miserable British weather kicks back in.


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