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I signed back up to tinder a couple of weeks ago, mostly out of boredom I think, but also because meeting new people in this day and age is really strange. I know I’ve written about this topic before, but being back on there this time feels different. When I first signed up at the start of the year I was completely new to the game and it was like the Wild West. I didn’t know what to expect or how to really go about it.

It was okay, I think I conducted myself pretty well to be honest by just being me. Nothing has changed in that regard, I don’t think I have it in me to be anyone other than myself at all times. I’m not going to be everyones cup of tea, but I’m fine with that. “Led Zeppelin didn’t write songs everyone liked, they left that to The Beegees.” - Wayne Campbell, 1991.

So I’m back on the swipe game again and I do keep referring to it as such on purpose. You have to treat it as a game, the swiping aspect of it at least. Everyone plays it differently but I’m at a stage where I’m being very picky with who I’m swiping right on. I don’t really care if anyone matches with me or not, I’d rather only swipe on someone I’m genuinely interested in and see if they do the same rather than the more scattershot style a lot of people, a lot of guys at least, take.

It’s funny, I’m sat here writing this in Brewdog as it’s where I get my best work done. I’m looking around at the other tables and there are at least couples here on dates, early dates too, first or second I’d guess. They’ve definitely not had sex yet.

I used to be blind to that kind of thing, but now I can spot it from a mile away. The body language is everything. There is a couple opposite me at the moment, the girl seems way more into it than the guy but he may just be trying to play it cool. It looks like it’s going alright though, they seem to be having fun.

I had great fun on the app last night, I was idly swiping around while watching NFL and before long I saw someone I knew, then a person I went out with on a couple of dates with earlier in the year, then another, then someone else I knew, then someone I hooked up with and so on. It kept happening! It felt like a game of bingo after a while. The funniest part to me at the time was the fact that I know a lot of these people were in relationships over the summer or had plans to be out of the country by now. I don’t mean this in a malicious way at all, but it did give me a bit of a lift to know that other peoples plans changed and they, we, are right back in the same position as we all were in the first quarter of the year.

Dating is interesting, sometimes its a lot of fun and exciting. Meeting new people, getting to know them, hearing all about their lives and experiences. Other times it sucks and you don’t really want to meet new people, you want the familiarity of someone you already know or who already knows you, even if not in a romantic way before. Having the same ‘getting to know you’ conversations is equal parts interesting and boring depending on your mind set going it. I guess thats the real trick though isn’t it? If you’re interested in the person it won’t seem boring.

Update on the date going on opposite; he seems more into it now, he’s a lot more relaxed. If this is a first date it would take one of them really fucking something up for there to not be a second.

I’m here quite often, duh, and I would say that nine out of ten times I’m here there is a date going on. I’m not sure what it is about it that makes it a good date bar. Probably the fact that it’s not too busy, the booths give a level of privacy and the general aesthetic is pretty cool. Maybe it’s the same everywhere and I’m just here more than anywhere else so notice it.

I’m not sure how to wrap this post up. It seems a bit unfinished but I’ve said all I have to say on it at the moment. I’m sure there will be more interesting tales from me in the future. Probably not this week though! I’m off work now for a little bit. I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff planned. This week might have a few late posts because of it to forewarn you. I’m going to gigs tomorrow and Friday night so those will be posted either late when I get home or the following day. I’m pretty excited about them both though! Come back to see how they go.

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