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Healthy AF

I am feeling really great about the level of self control I’m having at the moment with snacks and food. While I was still in decent shape throughout, like a lot of people, my weight started to creep back up last year a bit for a variety of reasons.

I don’t think it was ever noticeable and it was really only just a few pounds, but up to that point I’d done such a good job of bringing it down and maintaining and working on toning everything up that it annoyed me just a little bit.

In the past five days, simply by being disciplined with what I eat and maintaining the workout schedule I’ve been doing some variation of every day for two years, I’ve dropped back down to where I’m happier and am well on my way to toning it all up. It’s pretty exciting!

I’m hanging out online with a bunch of good folks this evening and I can’t wait. I’ve missed just laughing and cracking jokes with my friends.

I’ll probably take it a bit easier with the work out tomorrow, though my idea of a ‘rest day’ is to sweat it out on the bike only.


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