• James Hewlett

Hello Fresh

My friend Sam is pretty fucking great. We’ve been friends for well over half our lives at this point and despite the fact we live hours apart and really only see each other briefly every few years she remains my closest friend and confidant.

Last week when I was really struggling we were chatting about all sorts and I was saying about how I was starting to worry about my job situation and was being frugal to the point of not really having any food in. Next thing I know I get an email saying I have a free box to claim from Hello Fresh, the meal ingredient service.

I’m not sure if it’s a free box members get to give to other people as an incentive to get them to sign up or if it was one of the countless wins she’s had recently but the fact she gave it to me instead of using it for her own family meant so much.

I picked the meals I wanted and the delivery day and then today this massive box of food arrived!

Each meal is portioned out for two people and there are five different ones, so I effectively have ten fresh meals ready to cook.

The great thing about Hello Fresh (and all the other similar services I assume) is that you make the stuff yourself, they just provide all the necessary ingredients and cooking instructions.

I was eager to give it a try so I went with something pretty simple on paper, the port and apple burger.

I’ve cooked tons of burgers many different ways before but I’ve never actually put together and made a patty from scratch before.

It was super satisfying! Everything from chopping up the rosemary to go over the wedges to grating the apple to mix in to the pork and panko breadcrumbs to make the patty. When it came down to eating it I really felt like accomplished something good.

I’ve got the other burger to have for lunch tomorrow but I’m eager to try one of the other meals on Monday too!

It’s not a cheap service, but actually breaks down to £5 per serving which isn’t bad at all.

If I wasn’t being very conservative with, quite frankly everything, at the moment I would definitely sign up, even if it was only for two or three meals a week as that would be more than enough for just me.

It would negate the need to ever go food shopping, which would prevent any impulse purchases.

It is definitely something I’ll consider doing when things are looking a bit more consistent and stable.

I’m lucky to have a few close friends.

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