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Hey Kids, Comics!

I’ve been back reading more comics lately, the newly relaunched Star Wars series and Rise of Kylo Ren mini series peaked my interest enough to make me want to check them out and from there I’ve grabbed a couple of other bits I’ve been either meaning to catch up on or try.

I’ve kept my finger on the pulse somewhat and I’ve read a few trades here and there but I’ve not been nearly as up to date on comic books since leaving the shop five and half years ago. I’m now going by trusted creator names and recommendations from friends who are more up to date, and ironically started reading comics because of my help and recommendations in the first place!

Reading digitally is way more my speed these days, I have absolutely zero interest in the collecting side of it and I’d rather save paper and space by just getting the bits I want to read on the tablet. It also means I can be a bit cheeky and get a few things free though I am still a proponent of not pirating comic books as god knows that slowly dying industry needs all the help it can get. Despite ruling Hollywood the publishing side has been on the decline for years and if you do read pirated stuff you owe it to the creators and people behind the scenes to buy the books you’ve enjoyed. Even if it it is to gift them on to others. In fact that’s probably the best thing you could do!

Anyway, I’m going to get off that high horse and go cook some katsu chicken! I had the dentist earlier this evening so haven’t eaten anything yet today. This is a new thing for me to cook, hopefully it comes out well!

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