• James Hewlett

High Stakes

What a show! As always I’m not going to bother running down the card or talking about everything because the only people that really care we’re there and reading about something like that isn’t nearly as fun as being there. Hell, pictures aren’t as fun either which is why I didn’t take many.

I love going to these shows with Pete and Helen, they’re lovely people and we always have a ton of fun, it’s been a few months since I saw wrestling with Mitchell though and that’s just something else.

His excitement when we’d got to the venue but hadn’t gone in yet was that of a kid going to Disneyland and enthusiasm throughout was palpable. Not that the energy in York Hall needed his help, everyone was pumped tonight. The card was so stacked that you could tell every single person involved wanted to bring just a little extra to try and make their match the best.

I got to chat to one of my favourite performers who I’ve seen a bunch over the last couple of years but this is his last show before heading off to Japan for a year to work exclusively for a promotion there that will really fit his style. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the last time we see Chris Brookes for a very long time, I was happy to get to buy a shirt and grab a picture with him before he’s gone.

There was a lot of title matches tonight, way more than usual and a lot of changes too. RevPro don’t take title changes lightly so this really did feel like a changing of the guard type moment and being there in person for it was something special.

Oh and at the end of the night we got to chat to possibly the most entertaining guy in British wrestling at the moment, Mad Kurt, who just happens to be a kid from Southampton who is doing some weird shit but making it so damn funny. I feel an odd sense of pride about that.

I’ve said it before but a good indie wrestling show is one of the best nights out you can have!

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