• James Hewlett

Hitting A Triple

Fantasy football can be such a fickle bitch but somehow this past weekend everything aligned and for the first time in who knows how long the Indianapolis Colts and my fantasy team in both the leagues I’m in won!

It was a nice cap to what has felt like the beginning of an upswing after feeling really low for a couple of weeks.

I still have a lot of reservations about the efficacy of the NFL having a season at all this year, but time will be the real judge on the health and safety of those involved in and, at the stadiums that are allowing any fans, at these games each week.

The Colts are looking really good after a rocky first week and our defence is quietly one of the best in the league.

My team in Jamie’s league only has one or two stars on paper as it is a twelve team league and talent is spread thinner, but people seem to be performing well across the board. I was unlucky on losing one of my receivers to an injury early in the first quarter but it didn’t matter as I handily beat my opponent.

In the league I run we only have seven active players this year as we didn’t want to bring in a new person to a year with so much uncertainty. That means effectively each week one of us gets a free win against a team of players who aren’t active.

I didn’t have that bye week this weekend but by the points my stacked team put up you could have thought I did! I made a couple of trades earlier in the day that I think we’re mutually beneficial and I am hoping will continue to pay off for me in the next few weeks as well.

If I can go from worst to first in two leagues this year I will be over the moon but in all honesty, I’ll be happy with just staying out of the losers brackets come playoff time!


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