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Hitting Goals and Inspiring Friends

Okay, another quick fitness update. I hit a personal goal today when I weighed in and my body fat percentage was under 15%

I was super pleased about it and was telling my best friend Sam. I seemed to inspire her too as she asked me for some tips on getting started with doing daily exercise.

She's a lot like me in the fact that preachy 'gym bros' are so far from motivating and annoying that, for me at least, it actually makes me want to sit on my ass and order a pizza more than go and work out. My own brother, while being a lot more chill with at least how much he tries to talk to me about it these days because he knows I just ignore it all, is guilty of that to a point.

I'm happy to tell people about my own experience and what works for me if they ask though.

The biggest point that I'll stress to anyone is that motivation is a myth. This goes for everything, not just fitness. Sure, there are times when you are motivated to do what ever it is you want to do, but you have very little to no control over that and it cannot be relied on. Discipline and dedication is something that you have complete control over on the other hand and are much better tools for achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

I often am super excited to get home and work out and write while I'm at work, driving around in my van. When I get home though, almost every day, my immediate thought is, "Urgh, I don't want to." But every day I go upstairs, get changed and get on with it. Usually within minutes I'm really enjoying myself and feeling good about doing it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm always glad when I'm finished too, but I think I've struck a really good balance at the moment with the amount I'm doing.

It's super flattering that I've inspired at least a couple of my close friends to start working out. I have never pushed anyone into doing it but I love being able to support them if they decide to. I had to decide to do it for myself, that was the only way I could make the commitment to it that it really requires, but if my determination and results have given others the push they might have needed then I'm really glad I could help.

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