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I went to IKEA with a friend this morning as I’ve been in desperate need of picture frames for a while now.

I’ve shown off plenty of the dope art work I have hung up throughout my house many times before and I’ve still got a bunch that needs to go up. Unfortunately a lot of those pieces are odd sizes and because of the quality of the pieces I tend to always get custom frames for those and while not exuberant, they’re not cheap either.

I realised recently though that while I have a ton of art up I have very few actual photos, only one or two of my immediate family.

Either because of this or coincidentally, I found a cool app that allows me to get free pictures printed each month, you just have to pay the minimal delivery fee and you get forty five or so pictures free each month.

So after doing a test run with a few of the IKEA frames I picked up a whole bunch today. Not enough for everything I’ve had printed, but a really solid start.

My plan is to fill all the space behind my desk and recording area with places I’ve been and people I love.

It’s all coming together really nicely, there’s a bunch of friends and family up there now as well as picture of some of my most favourite places I’ve been, all taken by me with just two exceptions.

I’ve still got a bunch of pictures to frame and a decent amount of space to fill but it is getting to the point of running out of obvious picture I want to get printed.

It’s funny isn’t it, when I was a kid every picture taken was to be printed and either put up on in an album. Now I have tens of thousands and struggle to find enough I want printed each month.

I also put up for prints from artist Davis Rider I’ve had for a while, the Star Wars ones were no trouble as they were all downstairs at ground level but the Avatar one at the top of the stairs was a little more precarious. I’m happy with the result though.


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