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Hoping for a Holiday

As I started my new job this week I thought it would be sensible to make sure I let them know about the holiday I currently have booked for July so it didn’t cause any problems closer to the time.

At this stage, I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to go on that holiday, but I didn’t want work to be the thing that prevented it if everything else is okay.

I was meant to have gone to Austin, Texas in July of last year for Rooster Teeth’s annual convention/fan event, RTX. I did the two they had here in the UK but I always wanted to go to the main one in their home town and favourite city I’ve visited.

Going to the RTX UK events were great fun, but it’s like going to a local comic convention compared to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s just a different scale completely.

For a while it was looking like it might happen but I expected there would be a number of changes and it wouldn’t quite be the experience I was hoping for.

I was still extremely excited to get away and back to a place I love though. That is until the world shut down and Texas in particular had a really bad outbreak right around the time I was meant to be there.

When event was tentatively pushed to September and Ed and I managed to rearrange our flights, tickets and hotel to the new dates without much hassle. I kept my fingers crossed that even if RTX didn’t happen we would be okay with travelling and would still be able to have a fun trip.

By the time late July rolled around I was extremely skeptical. I began thinking that even if everything opened up that I wouldn’t feel comfortable going in September and after talking to Ed it was clear he felt the same.

Luckily(?) we didn’t have to make that choice as everything was still very much shut down and the event was cancelled. Well, it was turned into a virtual festival like so many tried last year to various degrees of success.

Our tickets were still valid though for 2021 and once again I was able to rearrange everything else.

So here we are. It’s the end of January and I am once again hoping that I’ll be able to go back to Texas in July. I’m not feeling particularly confident that I will, but we will see!


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