• James Hewlett

Hottest Day Of The Year

Boy was it a warm one! Same temperature here in Southampton as it was in Austin, Texas and with more sun! That’s pretty rare.

I really haven’t done a lot. I plenty enough time outside to soak it up but without it being oppressive. I also vegged out on the sofa for a while, but I haven’t turned my tv on once today!

I’m now currently doing the ol’ naked starfish pose in bed, duvet is well and truly on the floor, windows open and fan on full. I think it’ll be fine.

I found a secondary use for the spritzer I use for watering my chillis too... it is very refreshing on my face.

Oh, and if you’re one of those dumb fucks who went to Bournemouth beach today, do me a favour? Get in the sea and just keep going. I’d rather you weren’t on land anymore.


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