• James Hewlett


I’m back at work tonight and because I’m now moving into my regular schedule I figured it was a good time to get back into a healthier eating schedule too.

That’s not to say I’ve not been particularly unhealthy of late, just more that I haven’t been focusing on it.

I’m healthy and active enough that I don’t ever go nuts with diets or anything like that, I like to have a mix of being sensible and also enjoying myself. I have noticed recently though not a weight gain, but a bit less definition than I was really making progress on say this time last year.

So for that and a few other reasons I’m diving back in on the Huel hype train again.

I never stopped drinking the complete meal substitute shakes, but I wasn’t having them as regularly since I stopped being in the van before xmas.

I got a top up with another bag of the vanilla powder and while I was at it I got some flavours of their newer ‘hot & fresh’ line too. These aren’t shakes but operate under the same principle; two scoops into the container, topped up with boiling water, stirred, lid and leave for five minutes before transferring to a bowl. Though I’m sure you could easily eat it straight from the container like a pot noodle or something too.

Like the shakes, each one is a completely nutritionally balanced four hundred calorie meal with everything you need. I haven’t actually had one yet, but they look good!

My plan is to have one of those for lunch every day and a shake for dinner while I’m at work. I could easily switch that or have two hot meals if I fancied it, but yeah, that’s the idea. I don’t often have breakfast or snack much, but having those two meals set each day gives me wiggle room to have other things without having to be super strict with myself.

I am also planning on having one full chest day each week where I eat whatever I feel like. That’ll be the times I get take out or when it’s safe to do so again eat out somewhere.

I think it’ll be really easy with the amount I’m working and if I stick to it, combined with my daily exercise I think I’m going to be even fitter and healthier than I already am. All without punishing myself to get there!

It goes back to what I’ve been telling people all along since I started getting healthier, you do not need to go hard! I get that for some people that’s the pleasure, but I think I’m in the majority that that lifestyle is more off putting than appealing. I enjoy the balance I have now and look forward to seeing the results.


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