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Hybrid Theory

I didn’t think I had anything to write about tonight and was probably going to leave it with saying it’s my first night off this week and I’m going to just chill out.

But then a delivery arrived containing the twentieth anniversary edition vinyl box set of Linkin Parks debut album Hybrid Theory.

My enjoyment of the band has ebbed and flowed greatly over the years, I don’t think I could name a song they released after their second album, despite that probably being their most successful period, but my love of those early albums is still strong.

The box set comes with the Reanimation remix album too which I love and a bonus disc with b-sides and live performances from the time.

Listening to this album has taken me right back to 2001, being an angsty teen sat on my computer listening to this a few other albums on loop while chatting to friends and playing the Discworld MUD.

It blows my mind that this album is the same age Star Wars was when the special editions came out. How twenty years is almost two thirds of my life ago but listening to an album in full can take me straight back to that time and place. I love it. Time travel absolutely exists, it’s just in our weird minds.

Rest in peace Chester.


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