• James Hewlett

I’m On The Road Again

This morning I was rudely woken up in one of the weirdest ways I’ve ever had. A pigeon flew straight into my window, but not hard enough to do any damage to itself or the window, just enough that it landed on the sill looking shook. I had to laugh, and at that point I was awake so I pursued the news a bit and then got on with my work out.

I kind of slacked off in one respect last week, I was getting plenty of exercise with all the walking I was doing so most days I was only doing my half an hour on the bike, once or twice adding in my weight sets.

I wanted to use today as a fresh start and get more back to my regular routines. So I did just that and felt good for doing so.

It was getting near to midday and I hadn’t heard anything from the garage about my car yet so my high hopes were starting to wane when my phone buzzed and they let me know it was all done and ready to be collected.

I’ve walked that three mile trek a bunch lately so I was in no was daunted by it but as it was a nice day out and had been dry I decided to skateboard down the nice smooth footpath that runs for about half of the distance.

It felt amazing, I haven’t done that in far too long and I was buzzing from that simple feeling that getting my car back felt more like icing than the cake.

I’m super happy to be back and able to go wherever, whenever. Even if I don’t, just knowing I have more options than what’s available from my local shop or the few delivery options I have is amazing.

I don’t tend to go on new weeks/months/years meaning anything and go with arbitrary days to start things, but today has felt like a nice fresh start.

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