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I Was Born A Rambling Man

I’m sat in my van and I’ve just realised I’ve not written anything yet. I’ve been really good about getting the blog post written during the day at the moment when I have plenty of time to take a decent break as work is so quiet, but today, partly due to not having a topic to write about and partly because work has been so quiet that I’m just trying to weigh up finishing early or needlessly stretching my day longer, I haven’t written anything yet.

I guess I’ll just ramble on a little longer until I’ve got a post that’s a bit more substantial.

I’ve been really happy with the overall quality of my output lately, so having one day of just rambling nonsense isn’t the end of the world.

You’ve got to laugh at the irony of how nice the weather has been the last couple of weeks, here on the south coast of England at least. It really feels like spring has sprung and despite it being chilly and fresh in the mornings and evenings, once the sun is up it’s really nice out.

Normally you’d start to see people sitting in pub gardens, going to parks and starting to make the most of it, but right now the only people who are doing that are those doing a bit of exercise to stay sane while stuck at home or selfish assholes ignoring all sensible practice. Makes me glad I have a garden.

So it’s my birthday next Tuesday! That doesn’t feel right either. I didn’t have any particular plans for it, I was going to be working. My close group of friends were going to come over on Sunday for some fun and games but without saying so that’s off now obviously because we’re all wiser than that. Hopefully we’ll be able to all get online and fuck around that way instead.

I was meant to be seeing Barenaked Ladies the day after my birthday too, but that has been postponed until November (for now.)

In all likelihood I won’t be working at least, so maybe I’ll bake myself a cake or something on Tuesday. That’ll be fun and keep me busy for a while and be tasty afterward as well!

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of the Rise of Skywalker novelisation this week. It’s good, I am one of those who loved the film so of course I’m still going to enjoy the book too, but you can tell with this one more so than the other movie novelisations that author Rae Carson was only given specific scenes that were cut from the movie as opposed to a full version of the script to work from.

This gels with the fact that the co-screenwriter recently gave an interview and said that rewrites were happening throughout, so it is likely a case that there isn’t a ‘full’ script of the movie anyway.

It is nice getting to see… read, a few of the things that didn’t make the cut though. Most you can tell why they were removed from and already long movie but some add a little bit more characterisation. Most of that leg work is done from having the ability to be inside a characters head and read about their thoughts and motivations in any given moment. Characters like Hux in particular benefit from this treatment.

The allusions and references to an extended portion of the Star Wars galaxy is nice too, a lot of the novels, comics and animated series’ are bought up, mostly in inner dialogue or exposition but it works for someone like me who has enjoyed all of that content and likes seeing the connective tissue.

Alright, I’ve rambled on enough now I think, it’s nearly midday, I guess I’ll go do my final job of the day and finish up! See you tomorrow.


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