• James Hewlett

In Out or Out Out

I am so conflicted when it comes to being forced to socialise from home. I’m naturally a pretty introverted person who can turn on an extrovert switch when needs be and be really good with groups of people. It’s a weird dynamic but I’ve always enjoyed my own company more often than not.

At the moment I’ve been flipping between lonely but not wanting to see anyone, annoyed and wanting to go out, happy and social via zoom and Xbox party chat or generally content on my own.

I think being more social is addictive. I’ve had a few great nights recently socialising via zoom with people I know, people I didn’t and people I’ve recently met and got to know. It’s probably a case of wanting to keep those good feelings up and not falling back into my slump but it has made me more actively seeking those sorts of virtual nights out.

This evening was a prime case of the split. Mitchell was lamenting about wanting to go out, knock back a couple of shots and dance in a dingy club somewhere and it sounded great. Obviously not possible though.

I didn’t fancy a larger group online gathering again, but I did get in an Xbox chat with a Ed and Rae as we all played video games and chatted about nothing. Ed and I were finishing up the Gears 5 campaign and Rae was doing her thing but it was cool. It was enough.

I don’t know how I’m going to feel when the world eventually goes back to normality. I think I would like having the option of going out out, but will be more often content with doing so virtually. For me, the introvert with a few extrovert tendencies, it’s the best of both worlds. I just hope that it continues to be as easily arranged when everyone has the option of doing whatever.

I have a feeling it will. That that will be one of the things that has fundamentally changed forever. Time will tell though I guess.


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