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Inky Morning

So my plans for this morning changed last night and instead of sitting around doing nothing or wasting a perfectly miserable outside Saturday I took a cancellation slot and got another tattoo, adding Wallace Wells to my Scott Pilgrim arm. I’m really loving how it is all coming together now, I think there will be one more main character piece and then lots of smaller bits; side characters and iconography that is very of the books, to fill it out. It should be a really fun half sleeve by the time it is all finished.

My arms have been looking pretty good lately with the bit of weight training I’ve been doing, but with an extremely fresh tattoo on there too it looks even more swol!

After that my day was a pretty regular, uninteresting to write or read about Saturday, job around the house and whatnot while listening to podcasts and watching stuff on my laptop.

It’s not a bad thing though. It’s very chilled. I put a little more time into The Outer Worlds too. I’m really enjoying it, it’s the kind of video game I can easily sink hours into but over a prolonged period of time. I’m getting a lot of Fallout vibes from it, which is no bad thing.

I’ve also got a couple of shows on the go; the new season of Atypical is just out on Netflix, I loved the first two and two episodes in the third is still great. I just started the Paul Rudd show Living With Yourself too. I’d heard about it on a podcast when it released and had it on my list but getting a personal recommendation to watch it this evening made me start.

Really interesting show! I’ll probably write more about it in the week if I finish it.

Not sure what I’m up to tomorrow yet, if anything. A lie in sounds pretty great though, let’s see if I can manage one of them for a change.

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