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Nah, not feeling it today thanks. Whole range of emotions. Feeling really good to feeling really meh.

My prevailing feeling for the the day is that I should go with my gut instead of my head.

I need to learn to trust my instincts. They have not failed me yet and the times of biggest hurt, doubt and unhappiness have come from when I’ve thought about it too much and gone with the logical answer instead of saying fuck it and going with my instincts.

It really is a blessing and a curse, like all x-men powers, having my perfect judgement of character. It only works with the friends, family, loved ones I give a shit about but with them I have a damn perfect record of being able to analyse a situation.

The only time I really faulted with it is when I’m directly involved and I worry they my vested interested may be clouding my opinions or feeling on the situation. But so far, after all these years, that has never proven to be true. So I feel like need to listen to these wise words;

“Let go your conscious self, and act on instinct.”

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