• James Hewlett


I’m sitting here writing this to distract myself mostly this evening.

On Saturday, just on a whim without any pre-thought or planning I decided to start trying intermittent fasting. For those who have no idea what that is or no clear understanding of it it may sound more hardcore than it actually is, like I’m going to go days on end without eating or something.

It’s not that. All it means is that I have an allotted six hour window each day in which I eat and the rest of the time, the other eighteen hours, I stick to just water.

I’m glad I started the way I did, like all of the good habits I’ve formed and stuck to I just decided and started on the spot. I’ve talked about it before but when you build up something in your head or try to plan something out often times you push and delay or false start and don’t stick to it.

For me I’ve found the best way of doing stuff is to just jump in.

It’s only been a couple of days so I’m not sure if it’s working for me but the goal is for it to compliment my exercise and help me not so much lose weight, but maintain and maybe put my body mass to better use but turning it more into muscle.

I’ve been going for a one to seven pm window in which I eat and in that time I’ve been having lunch, maybe a small snack and dinner. That’s also the window I’ve been having diet soda and juice with the rest of the time spent drinking lots of water from my nice big cold bottle.

The mornings have been easy, I generally keep myself busy with my work out where I’ll only be drinking water anyway and I always look forward to having lunch after that.

It’s the evenings that have been more of a challenge. It’s fine if I’m playing a video game or card game or am keeping myself occupied but if I’m just sitting and watching something, I start to feel it. That’s when I start craving some type of snack.

It’s all about training that out of myself though, if this is like any of the other good habits I’ve maintained then it won’t take long, that’s the plus side to being a creature of habit.

Like the fact I haven’t had a drink for nearly two months now and don’t miss it at all.

Well, I’ve got to wrap this up eventually. Back to the simple willpower I go.

Boy am I looking forward to lunch tomorrow!


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