• James Hewlett

Interview Day

I had my first interview in six years today and I think it went pretty well!

I talked about prepping for it yesterday but the interview itself was fairly standard. The guy conducting it was friendly enough but I wouldn’t say he was particularly personable.

I was open and honest with all my answers, I think I seemed confident without being arrogant, relaxed without seeming like I didn’t care. I asked the few questions I had at the end of the interview and got some good feedback from them.

I feel fairly confident about it and if I am not offered the job I believe it will be almost entirely based on the fact I’m unable to work Thursdays going forward due to my electricians course. If that’s the case then so be it, I won’t lose any sleep. If they do offer it to me I’ll take my notice into work with me on Monday, explain the situation and if they can’t make me a better offer hand it in and start my final two weeks there.

I was going to cook some lunch when I got home and then go see my mum and Paul for the first time since May but my mum was heading out in a few hours so I switched it around and blast over there when I’d got changed. It was nice to catch up with them in person, everyone seems to be doing well and their day trips they keep going on sound like great fun. Dex was also very happy to see me but I think he was a little disappointed I wouldn’t rough house with him like I normally do because I still have healing tattoos I don’t want to risk getting scratched.

I did cook when I got home, and instead of doing two meals across the day I just had them both at once. I made miso aubergine burgers with some nice wedges and salad. It was really good! I’m enjoying having some veggie meals mixed with my hello fresh stuff it’s really good and feels like I get a nice balance.


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