• James Hewlett

Interview Prep

I have a job interview tomorrow. I’ve not mentioned it on here yet I don’t think because I’ve had other stuff going on but I was getting myself sorted for it today and realised the last time I interviewed for a job was six years ago.

I’ve been to some formal events since then, shit, but whenever I’ve had to dress smart I’ve always done so with more my own style instead of a traditional look.

I don’t feel the need to be super crazy formal for this interview tomorrow but I do think smart casual is appropriate and I wanted to make a bit of an effort. I have a nice pair of trousers that fit well already and I know I’ve still got some shoes, but the last time I had to interview for a job was six years ago and I was a lot bigger then.

I tried on one of my old shirts and it unsurprisingly was like a tent of me so this afternoon I popping into town to get a new one.

The process was so nice and easy and I found one that was not only nice and would work with my trousers but it was also 25% off too!

I don’t know what to expect of this interview to be honest. I think, at least as far as I’m aware at the moment anyway, that my current job is safe, so I’m in that nice position of being able to look without having a dire need to take anything and everything.

If the interview goes well, they can offer me the hours I need and it all seems good; great! A new job would make everything feel fresh and new again on top of everything else I’m doing at the moment.

If it doesn’t, at least I’ve still got my job that I still enjoy. I’ll keep my eyes open for anything else new too.

I’m sure I’ll write about how it went tomorrow, so if you’re interested, come back then!

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