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Into The Archives

Looking back at old posts as I slowly make progress at compiling them all is fascinating for for a few reasons; I see the title of the post and sometimes remember the content but often have no recollection of when it was. It’s as if the first year and a half or so of writing every day has blurred together. I’m amazed at how early some of the posts were and it makes me wonder if that will continue or if there is just long stretches of nothingness down the line.

Looking at the pictures is interesting too. Sure there’s the obvious evolution of how I look as I’ve got healthier and started giving a bit more of a crap about how I look but it was curious to also note just how unhappy I think I had been for longer than I even realised. It’s right there in my eyes.

I don’t want to keep writing about my past writing though. It’s getting old quick but has just been a lot of the productiveness I’ve been up to this weekend. I think I’ve been keeping myself busy as somewhat of a distraction but I’m alright.

I also decided, that while it’s really expensive, I should really get my car fully serviced.

I’ve never been good at keeping on top of that and I know it’s silly. I’ve always just considered the cost as unnecessary. My car is getting older though and has plenty of miles on the clock. By all rights it should be fine for at least a few more years, but I want to get it fully and comprehensively looked over so I at least know what to expect. I booked it in at the Toyota dealership, which I know is always the more expensive option but as many garages at least around here are more tentative when it comes to hybrids I’d rather get it done by the people who know exactly what they’re doing and anything they could be looking out for. So that’s next Saturday. I’m not looking forward to paying out for it again but if it means I don’t have to for a long while, then it’ll be worth it in my mind.

I had another really good, early morning sweaty work out this morning. I really enjoy getting up and doing it first thing and get way more out of it than I do with my after work exercise. I suppose the trade off is that I’ve had a day at work where I’ve got that exercise under my belt as well.


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