• James Hewlett

Into The Dark

I just finished my second High Republic novel in about as many weeks. I think it goes without saying I’m really enjoying these new Star Wars books.

Into the Dark by Claudia Grey is the first young adult novel in the new publishing initiative and the last novel two be released in what is being referred to as stage one. It focuses on a smaller group of characters than Light of the Jedi and is headlined by a Jedi Padawan being sent out on a mission when he would much rather be studying in the archives.

While seventeen year old Reath Silas may be separated from his master on this mission, he’s not alone and does have the support of three more experienced Jedi and the colourful crew of the freighter they have chartered.

This ragtag team, in classic Star Wars fashion, bandies together when The Great Disaster, detailed in Light of the Jedi, hits their corner of the outer rim as they find themselves trapped on a long thought abandoned space station that seems to be serving as an arboretum of sorts.

The book has quite a haunted house feel to it and that was a nice change of pace for Star Wars.

I didn’t connect to it quite as much as I did Light of the Jedi but I still very much enjoyed the story. The characters are what really shone for me though, the freighter crew and Reath especially but the other Jedi were interesting as well.

I don’t think I’m going to read the middle grade book, A Test of Courage, though I’ve heard it is very good, but I will keep up with other other novels at they release.

I’m glad there are two ongoing comic book series coming out monthly at the moment, they should tie me over until the next novel in July.


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