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Invincible Revisited

In preparation for the tv show starting next month and the accompanying podcast Ralph and I are doing, I have been going back and reading the earliest issues of the comic book series Invincible.

I haven’t read these particular issues in at least thirteen years, possibly longer, and that blows my mind and makes me feel very old.

I think it is a mark of quality for the book though that a super hero story from that period of time (actually closer two twenty years ago as I didn’t get in until it was well established) can feel just a relevant as ever.

There’s so much emphasis on making things relevant and reverent to the current times that by definition also means they will feel dated and irrelevant quicker.

What Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker (and later Ryan Ottley) managed to do with this series though is pay homage to the story’s that came before whilst making it relevant for the times and at the same time timeless so that it can still be enjoyed just as much today.

The only thing that feels a little dated is some of the technology and fashion choices, something we noticed had been updated for the animated series, but otherwise it feels like it could just as easily be set in 2021 or 2003.

The book really cooks as well, I found myself unable to put it down as I’m reading it despite knowing the stories and basic details. It’s been long enough that I have forgotten specifics though so it’s nice to dive back in.

I plan on reading up to where I think the first season of the show is going to end and then deciding if I want to carry on or wait until we know about the future of the animated series. I have a feeling that when I get there I’m going to be eager to keep going though.

I’m back at work tomorrow night for seven straight. I’ll try and get something written before I go.


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