• James Hewlett


I feel so different to how I did last night when I wrote that post. Not long after posting it a friend of mine shared the trailer for the Amazon Prime animated adaption of the comic book Invincible, which was always a favourite of mine.

The friend is actually a guy I know from being a fan of his podcast way back in the early days of Lost. We met at Comic-Con in 2009 in his home town of San Diego and have remained friendly since. I remember talking to him about Invincible at 3am while waiting in line for the Lost panel in fact.

He’s continued doing various podcasts over the years and is just a good dude in general, so when he floated the idea of us doing a show based on the upcoming adaption I jumped on it. I love podcasting and have been looking for something new to do, this feels like the perfect thing.

It’s less than twenty four hours later and Ralph has set up an email, website and all the social media platforms for the new podcast, Invincipod, as well as designing and refining a logo for the show!

I love how quickly it has all come together. The show doesn’t start until next year but we’re planning on recording an introduction episode sometime in the next week so we can get the feed up and going too.

It’s been really cool for me to just be involved as a co-host and not the producer and person in charge as well. I have offered and will help out with anything needed but for the most part I’m just here to talk about comic book stuff.

I’m going to spend the rest of my evening going back to the start of this great series so I’m all brushed up on it when we get going in earnest.


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