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Is It Still DMing If It’s In Space?

I mentioned last week how I was enjoying reading through The Expanse RPG rule book and was a little gutted I wouldn’t be able to play an actual game.

Well, Ed and I were fucking around on discord the other day and creating a couple of characters in the game, not to necessarily play, but so that if anyone wanted to jump into a game one day we’d have a few different types of character made.

During that chat I was saying how despite playing in a D&D game Kez ran for a couple of years and dabbling with a few other systems, I’ve never DM’d (or GM in a lot of cases) one myself. I tend to skip those parts of the rule books as they’re less relevant to players.

I didn’t feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game to run the sessions myself.

I decided to entertain the idea though, the games master essentially is the narrator, world builder and adjudicator for rules. They participate as any character not controlled by a player and are the ones progressing the story and giving the players things to do.

It’s a big responsibility but I think I know the world of The Expanse well enough to be able to improvise as and when needed and to write a fun and compelling story for anyone who wanted to play.

The great thing about the setting is that while a knowledge of the books or show would be helpful, it’s not completely needed. As long as you can imagine a sci-fi setting that is our world and solar system just a few hundred years in the future you’re pretty much set.

I don’t know if I’ll actually ever get a game up and going, but I’m going to plan out a few sessions regardless more as a creative writing exercise than anything else.


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