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Is This A Book?

I just wrapped up the latest recording of the podcast so don’t fancy writing too much but I had a thought today that I might collect all of these posts into a book form when it’s all said and done.

I never intended for it to be collected or consumed as such, but even if there’s only ever one copy made and it’s for me I think it’ll be kind of a cool memento of three and a half years of my life.

The idea popped into my head while I was listening to the latest SModcast and Kevin Smith mentioned one of how old books, My Boring Ass Life, which was just a collection of his blog posts over a couple of years.

Now, he’s a professional writer with much more experience than I have so even his shorter skippable entries are better than most of mine but I have the consistency aspect on my side at least.

It’s just an idea at the moment, I’ll think more about it next year as I’m starting to wrap up. For now I’m going to unwind and play some video games before going to bed. See ya tomorrow!


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