• James Hewlett

Is This The Way?

Hey, did you know I like Star Wars?

It’s kind of a secret, I don’t mention it very often.

This weeks episode of The Mandalorian, The Heiress, was an absolute smorgasbord of nerdy deep cuts that reference and enhance pre-existing lore. This show is doing a great job of telling its own story and revealing any necessary information through the course of the show while layering in details and references for those of us who have consumed all the other material.

In this case, as Dave Filoni seems to be heavily involved with all the television projects, heavily leans on stuff set up in The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series as the character Bo Katan appears in live action for the first time played by Katee Sackhoff who was the voice actress and visual inspiration for the character in both the previous shows.

That was the most on the nose and apparent tie back to existing canon but the episode featured tons more throughout that would only bore you to read about.

Needless to say I absolutely loved this episode and I think it may be my favourite of the emote run of the show so far.

It has made me really eager to start a Mandalorian podcast and my hopes are to do so in time for the third season, covering the first two in the break between.

In the mean time I’m just excited for next week to see what comes next!


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